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How to fall asleep fast and well

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It is that time of night when you try very hard to sleep but your brain would just not stop thinking, although you are very sleepy, you keep getting unwanted thoughts. Crazy and weird ideas related to philosophy, science and nuclear theory etc. come into your mind for no reason, and usually you end up wasting 3-4 hours just thinking and wasting your time, which you could have utilized to sleep more and make your next day productive and efficient.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can’t help yourself, however if you change your lifestyle a little bit, you could speed up things and easily fall asleep. All you need is few changes in your lifestyle and habits.

Brain! Why YOU no let me sleep?

Brain! Why YOU no let me sleep?

The following tips can make it easy for you to fall asleep faster than before.

  • Make it dark: First of all, you have to make sure that your room is completely dark and you receive no light at all. Because sometimes light such as lamp light at night turns you into philosophical mode and you keep getting unwanted thoughts, apart from that, darkness or absence of light arouses the formation of melatonin, it is a hormone which is responsible for things like sleep, memory and protects brain. Therefore avoid lighting in your room, even if you see small mobile notification light, flip the phone so that you can avoid that as well.
  • Eliminate noise before you sleep: Unwanted noise from outside such as car horns and other traffic noise can easily disrupt your sleep or make it hard for you to fall asleep. Try to reduce outside noise by closing all the windows, if you live nearby a place where closing windows is definitely not a solution to reduce outside noise then you could buy noise canceling headphones and play soft and relaxing music, although they might be uncomfortable to wear while sleeping, if comfort is not really a problem for you then get noise canceling headphones and save yourself from unwanted noises.
  • Get yourself a glass of warm milk: Drink warm milk before you go to bed; make sure it is warm and not hot. It makes you calm, relaxes and soothes your mind. It also releases tryptophan, which increases the production of melatonin. Warm milk helps a lot to fall asleep fast, this tip is one of my favorites, and so I really recommend it.
  • Adjust the temperature of your room: If your room is too hot or if it is too cold then it might be uncomfortable to sleep and you might not be able to sleep properly. Too hot room would make you sweat and cold room could increase your trips to washroom. So try to create an environment that is cool and get a decent blanket that doesn’t make you feel hot.
  • Take a hot shower: Spending sometime in hot water can raise the feeling of sleepiness. A hot or lukewarm shower can also make you feel relaxed and make it easier for you to fall asleep quickly.
  • Read: You might have noticed this, in fact it is very common for students mostly, studying is boring and makes you sleepy, it is unarguably a universal law for most of the students. Therefore reading a book can easily help you in sleeping. Avoid reading horror books or anything that increases curiosity because if you’re reading a book, which increases curiosity, then your mind engages deeply in it and gets you into a thinking process thus making it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Make yourself loose: Avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes such as jeans or skin fit shirts or t-shirts, wear some loose and elastic. Also make your body loose, pee before you go to sleep or else you have to wake up in the middle of your sleep, which can disrupt your sleeping pattern.
  • Avoid taking a nap: For obvious reason if you want to sleep early later on at night then its better to avoid nap during the daytime
  • Keep your bedroom clean and hygienic: Change your bed sheets regularly; keep your pillow clean as well and also change pillow sheets frequently. This will avoid bed bugs and make your sleep comfortable.

If after following these tips, you still can’t sleep well, then consult to your doctor because you might be suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea and it can have adverse effects on health in future so prevention is always better than cure.


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