4 Tips to take care of Fashion Jewelry

Costume Jewelry
Fashion jewelry, costume jewelry or artificial jewelry, whatever you name it, with being cheap, comes with many disadvantages. Fake jewelry does not last forever like gold and silver. In a matter of few months, it starts getting tarnished, easily catches black and green spots and becomes a victim...
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How to play Minesweeper: Rules and Basic

minesweeper success
How to play Minesweeper: Rules and Basic Minesweeper is one of the games, which is pre-installed on most of the computers operated by Microsoft Windows. Any simple game, if played without knowing and understanding the rules, would look tough and minesweeper is one of them. Many people would...
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How to make Spicy Chicken Yogurt

Fried yogurt Chicken
How to make Spicy Chicken Yogurt Serves: 3 Cooking time (approximately): 30 minutes Ingredients Chicken                             ½ kg Wild Pomegranate Seeds    1 tbsp. Coriander seeds               1 tbsp. Black...
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How to fall asleep fast and well

Brain! Why YOU no let me sleep?
It is that time of night when you try very hard to sleep but your brain would just not stop thinking, although you are very sleepy, you keep getting unwanted thoughts. Crazy and weird ideas related to philosophy, science and nuclear theory etc. come into your mind for...
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How to Increase your website’s Alexa Rank

If you are a webmaster then you must be aware of Alexa, a company owned by Amazon, and it’s importance to internet world. Alexa basically ranks your website according to the traffic, so higher the traffic, better the rank. There are numerous advantages of having a good Alexa...
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Increase Playstation portable (PSP) speed

How to Increase Playstation portable PSP speed  If you have a PSP and you cracked the firmware or hacked it then chances are that it might have slowed down and it might not be performing as good as it was in stock condition. There are numerous possible reasons to...
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How to Save Your Phone from Water Damage

Mobile Phone in rice
Did you accidentally drop your phone in pool, sink, toilet or bathroom tub? Do not Panic! In this post I will show you how can you recover your cellphone after dropping it in water. Image from http://lifebluetube.com/ Although I cannot guarantee you that your phone will come back...
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